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5 Things You Should Know About High-Performing Practices

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Wednesday, June 28 at 12:00pm ET


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It’s difficult to improve operations and business when you’re focused on delivering quality care. That’s why Dr. David Murphy originated MedForge Solutions: to have the time and attention he needed to serve his podiatry patients and the efficiency needed to operate a thriving business.


Attend this webinar and hear how high performing medical practices are focusing on the right areas to get more productive and efficient.


Learn how to easily:

  • See daily snapshots of your practice’s performance
  • Stay on top of critical metrics
  • Empower your staff to make the right decisions based on fact
  • Increase efficiency by improving communications
  • Deliver patients a WOW experience
  • Apply methods proven in actual case studies

During the webinar, Dr. Murphy will provide a demonstration of the MedForge Insight™ and MedForge Orchestrator™ solutions and share how practices now use these game-changing solutions to empower their staffs to create major efficiencies for the patients and business.

Can’t make these dates? Schedule a brief demo that is convenient for you and your team.

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