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Medicine is your business.

your business
is ours.
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Radically improve the flow of in-office care.

Your EHR does NOT do this.
Compare for yourself.
Orchestrator is Fast, Intuitive and Easy to Use.

Empower your staff to be more effective

for your business and your patients.

MedForge Orchestrator:
Automate the flow of in-office care
MedForge Insight™ for eClinicalWorks:
Get daily practice analytics

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MedForge Solutions


Game-changing solution automates the flow of in-office tasks to improve efficiency and the patient experience.
Key capabilities    Watch video

for eClinicalWorks

Up-to-date business analytics help everyone work more effectively.
Key capabilities

MedForge Orchestrator

It saves time and eliminates a lot of components of human error, which helps us provide better patient care.

- Elia J. Ali, Practice Administrator, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center

MedForge Insight

Using Insight, we doubled our practice within a year, not counting new patients. It helped us pinpoint where to make adjustments.

- Dr. Todd Becker, Ankle & Foot Associates LLC

MedForge Insight

We’ve seen medical practices taking advantage of Insight increase their personal productivity by 50 percent with the software.

- Gene Good, Consultant, DoctorsManagement, LLC

MedForge Orchestrator

Anyone on the medical staff can be trained in 20 minutes.

- Dr. Howard Gale, Ankle & Foot Associates LLC

What makes our solutions unique?

Now, for the first time, you can get the visibility your entire team needs in order to work effectively, boost productivity and contribute to the bottom line.


Built for Business

Simplifies managing your
business, no need for an MBA


Visually Simple

Easy to understand,
easy to work with


Empowers Everyone

Objective information and tools
enable everyone to contribute

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