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MedForge Insight

for eClinicalWorks

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ins_icon  It’s time to check your business vitals.

Get a daily view into your practice’s performance. In minutes, you can access vital information never before available. MedForge Insight arms physicians, office managers and medical consultants with packaged business analytics that show how well your eClinicalWorks practice is doing on all kinds of levels. Our software empowers your entire team to easily spot opportunities to be more effective, improving revenues and the patient experience.


MedForge Insight empowers everyone to be more effective.

Using Insight, we doubled our practice within a year, not counting new patients. It helped us pinpoint where to make adjustments.
Dr. Todd Becker
Ankle & Foot Associates LLC

physician Physicians

  • Visual, easy-to-understand snapshot. Simply click for up-to-date, graphical analytics that help you see where to take immediate action for improvements.
  • Time studies to increase efficiency. Quickly compare average patient time by physician and spot opportunities for everyone to work more productively and improve the patient experience.
  • Head-to-head comparisons of strengths and weaknesses. Instantly compare your performance to any other physician in the practice for insight into protocols, procedures and billings by revenue center. You can easily learn and apply best practices to improve patient care and personal productivity.
  • Real business insights that drive improvements. Benefit from analysis not ordinarily available from other systems, such as true revenue/collections by CPT codes; production and productivity by physician, location and CPT codes; “no show” analysis; performance to goals and more.

physician Office Managers and Administrators

  • Be more valuable to your practice. Stay a step ahead with a daily snapshot of where your practice is financially. Easily uncover ways to grow and gain efficiencies with (1) time studies that analyze patient total experience times, (2) head-to-head physician comparisons for productivity analysis, (3) no show trends, (4) patient demographics, (5) encounter closure analysis and more.
  • Promote physician accountability. Provide visibility to physicians so they can understand how they’re performing on a daily basis and make improvements for the business.
  • Check and balance for insurance issues. Easily see who’s paying, how quickly, and uncover any underlying complications. Highlight the number and size of open encounters by provider to greatly enhance awareness.
  • Empower everyone with objective data. Benefit the team by giving them timely and factual information – critical for discussions in practice meetings and for getting new physicians up to speed quickly.

physician Medical Practice Consultants

  • Drive improved business performance. Spend your time with clients on analyzing, guiding and improving business performance. Not hunting down or acquiring data.
  • Graphical views enhance communication. Graphs and charts make it much easier to communicate with physicians and management; they can quickly see and understand what they should be doing.
  • Easy to share and show trends. Focus practitioners on key trends they can immediately grasp and take action to improve.
  • Track merger integration and performance. MedForge is an ideal tool for setting goals, monitoring progress and promoting accountability post merger.
We’ve seen medical practices taking advantage of Insight increase their personal productivity by 50 percent with the software.
Gene Good, Consultant
DoctorsManagement, LLC

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