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MedForge Orchestrator

for Medical Practices

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orch_icon  Empower your staff to give every patient a “Wow” experience.

Now physicians can treat patients without having to leave the room. Orchestrator replaces manual processes and cumbersome flag and light systems that fumble staff communications and increase patient wait times. It’s a game-changing application for medical practices that automates the flow of in-office care – communicating and managing tasks in real time to optimize staff time and give each patient an expedited “Wow!” experience.

See one more patient per month and this solution will pay for itself.
Dr. Howard Gale
Ankle & Foot Associates LLC

Learn How Orchestrator Works

MedForge Orchestrator can provide productivity gains for your practice.

  • Menu-driven, personalized software. Configure Orchestrator to work the way you do, while eliminating wasted time and human error.
  • Instant, centralized communications. In real time, the “Big Board” tracks all open tasks, staff selections and task completions – and allows staff to chat online for special requests.
  • Fast, configurable implementation. Be up and running in as little as an hour.
  • Easy to use. After 20 minutes of training, staff can go right to work, with Orchestrator objectively recording office efficiencies and response times.
  • Tracks every mouse click. Get visibility into efficiency opportunities with every mouse click, task, detail and response time recorded by the software.
  • HIPAA compliant. Recorded information supports HIPAA requirement for silent communications.
  • Streamlines insurance coverage communications. Real-time communication facilitates quicker notification of insurance coverage to staff and patients – for faster decisions and happier patients.
It saves time and eliminates a lot of components of human error which helps us provide better patient care.
Elia J. Ali, Practice Administrator, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center

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