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MedForge Maestro

for Labs

mastero_icon  Filling the business gap for labs.

For the first time ever, lab owners and commissioned sales teams can benefit from full transparency of the facts that drive – or hinder – their profitability. MedForge Maestro offers visibility and monitoring capabilities packaged in one easy-to-use system that automates the business side of the lab, calculates sales commissions and more.

Maestro helped one of our top sales reps double commissions by focusing on fewer orders that offered more profitable business.
Brandon Lemer, CEO
B3 Diagnostic Laboratory LLC

Run your lab more efficiently and profitably with MedForge Maestro.

  • Full transparency for lab owners. Gain visibility into production, payment and accession data to monitor efficiencies, what’s in the pipeline and where to make improvements.
  • Invaluable for sales reps. In the Maestro Sales Rep Portal, reps see where their performance stands at any point in the month so they can better manage productivity and commissions.
  • Production and payment analysis made simple. Know which tests are being ordered, by type, physician and sales rep, while automatically tracking payments from all sources.
  • Automated commission management. Maestro calculates objective and accurate commissions by physician, payor and sales rep – and supports multiple tiers of distributors and commissions.
  • Great for attracting the best sales reps. Provide a level of transparency into sales commissions that has never been available before. Reps love it!

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